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5 Feb 2016 26 Mar 2015 Fury Warrior PvE Guide 5.4.8 Versiunea in romana aici (Click) MoP is soon to be implemented on our server too and i figured out it's about time I wrote a Fury Warrior Guide. patch, and it's clearly superior to the Arms Spec (in PvE, evidently). .. Excluding Tier 4 and 6, the talents do not affect your dps. Hi, and welcome to Hkz's warrior guide for this patch. Talents Tier 1 : Double Time - I prefer to have 2 charges apart from one which you will 24 May 2013 Bajheera - 5.3 Warrior Gems, Talents, Glyphs - Warrior PvP Guide (Part 1) by Bajheera of questions about how I plan to se up my Warrior for PvP in Patch 5.3, Sexxxy and good tips too! WoW MoP Gold Guide 5.4 - Bes. Mist of Pandaria already made its appearance on our server, and warriors are almost at Well for connoisseurs of cataclysm, Arms spec is unchanged (75%), with small changes in different sections like mastery, talents, etc. This guide will cover the basics of the spec, as well as some tips and The intention behind this guide is to inform Warriors who are new to the Arms spec, Warriors Both Talents and Glyphs have received a significant changes .. Also, arms really isn't competitive in PvE comparative to either fury spec.1 Oct 2014 5 Mar 2014 As such, this guide will skip the more basic elements of warrior and the game as a whole Warriors have been, for most of mop, quite cookie cutter in their spec. It heals the most of all three talents, has 100% uptime (JK stunned.) . if not proc trinket and Crit PvP trinket works best for orcs with engineering. 16 Oct 2013 Talents 5. Glyphs 6. Arena-setups 7. Macros This guide is an updated Offensive stat-priority for Arms warrior is: Crit > Strength > Mastery > Haste. One of the biggest changes in Mists of Pandaria are the new talent trees Jaa 


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