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is the Thumb equivalent of the ARM instruction LDMIA SP!,{} STM means STore Multiple. DB means Decrement Before, i.e. decrement the destination address 3 Mar 2012 How do we return from the subroutine which BL invoked? Since ARM's branch instructions are PC-relative the code produced is position22 Aug 2008 Thumb instruction formats are less regular than ARM instruction formats, as . return address when Branch with Link operations are performed,. MOV PC , LR ; return back into the code calling strcpy. This fragment first loads into LR the address of the instruction following the call to strcpy , labeled after in 19 Oct 2017 On ARM, the program counter is register 15, or r15 , also called pc . The instruction to call a function is bl (for immediate offsets) or blx (for addresses in registers). These instructions stores the return address in r14 , called the link register, or lr . To return, we must put this value back into pc . This means that the return address may not necessarily be the next instruction pointed to by the program counter. ARM processors use a pipeline with at least a fetch, a decode, and an execute stage. There is one instruction in each stage of the pipeline at any time. 5.2.3. The return address and return instruction The actual location pointed to by the program counter when an exception is taken depends on the exception type ARM processors do not privide a fully automatic subroutine call/return mechanism like other processors. ARM's branch and link instruction, BL, automatically The ARM instruction set formats are shown below. Figure 4-1: ARM .. To return from a routine called by Branch with Link use MOV PC,R14 if the link register.



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