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16 Feb 2009 Discover that sql 2008 does not support sbs2008 reporting (or just . I have seen Microsoft's attempt at a repair guide but details are a bit 28 Jan 2009 Microsoft has added a few more scenarios to the Windows Small Business Server 2008 Repair Guide. Look for more topics to be added soon. 18 May 2015 Repair the Windows SharePoint Services Domain Name System; Repair user Open the Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2008 Console; Click For instructions about how to recreate the site, see "To recreate the 13 Jul 2011 A repair guide for SBS 2011 Standard has been released here – The topics covered 30 Dec 2010 This guide contains troubleshooting and repair information for problems you might encounter in your Windows SBS 2008 network. 1 Jun 2011 Reinstall Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0. Create a new SBS Sharepoint Web Application. Reinstall the SBS 2008 CompanyWeb Website. 18 Jan 2010 Microsoft's Troubleshooting and Repair information for Windows SBS 2008 is here. 19 Jun 2011 How to troubleshoot, repair or reinstall parts of your SBS 2008 or 2011 server Windows Small Business Server 2008 Repair Guide · Windows 30 Jan 2013 27 Aug 2009 To repair WSUS 3 on a SBS 2008 box is actually relatively easy (at least as compared to ripping Repair Windows Server Update Services: Ensure you do languages section (I missed that in the instructions the first time).


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